Our story

With our backs to the Cairngorms and our faces to the gently rolling green Angus glens, we are building our home and starting a life on the Cateran Trail.  Our little triangle of land felt like home from the very beginning.  During the build we have grown our family, moved from village to Lochside, taken on new work projects and discovered the true meaning of hard work.  We’d hoped to move in this Summer, but a build moves at it’s own enigmatic pace, and cares not for the plans of the soon to be occupants.  So instead we were gifted with a Summer by the Loch, and now an Autumn too.

When we move up on to the trail my Herbal practice will move with me, setting up home in a (soon to be) converted stable block.  Over the past year I have started to explore the herbal delights growing along the trail and our little plot of land will become home to many more herbs.  From early childhood I began forming a strong bond with the plants around me.  I thought everyone had that internal focus that draws you in to the shape of a leaf, the curve of a petal or the unique movement of the plant in the breeze.  I remember places through plants.  The little scenes they create – a beautifully set stage. The smell of them in the sunshine or after the rain.  Finding that this relationship with plants could extend to healing was a revelation.  Herbalism found me in my teens and I began my journey with the College of Phytotherapy Degree course, nearly twenty years ago, and continued with the University of the Highlands and Islands, studying Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Counselling and Nutrition.

Growing herbs (and children) on the Cateran Trail is an exciting new chapter in our lives.  And we can’t wait!


*Complex health issues are best dealt with under the care of a qualified herbalist. Your GP will need to know if you are taking herbs alongside prescribed medication.